Customised Service

The Essential Partnerships TOOLBOX is a system that can be tailored to suit your situation. It includes a structure, templates and checklists to get started straight away with your prospective partners to develop a business case and plan. If you have resources (human or otherwise), the system includes a change management process for you to adapt to your needs. The system includes an option to upgrade to our premium packages to assist you with developing your business case or change management plans.

In today’s global society, partnerships exist across borders. This toolbox is universal which means it is useful no matter where in the world you are planning your prospective partnerships.

The Facilitated Package offers support customised to your requirements (including face-to-face) – contact us to  discuss your requirements.  Additional options also available may Include independent  legal and financial support.

If you are ready to take your partnership venture to the next level, contact us now to book in a free consult where we will discuss your needs.