Whats Included?

The Essential Partnerships TOOLBOX is a system for planning your partnership venture so that you and your partners are on the same page right from the start. It is a system to reduce risks through diligent planning up front. It is a guide to help you consider what’s involved and put a plan to paper to refer back to. The Toolbox features 6 key areas to help with your Partnership.

Included Components

The Proposition

Starting with the idea, determine whether a 
partnership is the right model.  Create a business case with your partners to make sure you have the same vision, understanding and goals right from the start.  Use our templates to consider how the partnership will operate – avoid misunderstandings and hidden 
agendas as much as possible.

Partnership Foundations

Get to know the Five Foundations that MUST be aligned for your partnerships to work.  If one of these foundations is out of sync, the partnership 
venture could be in serious trouble.  Did you know there are different degrees of partnerships?  Get to understand the dynamics of partnership relationships from networking through to full on mergers.  

Risk Management

Your chance to think about the risks and work together to reduce the likelihood or mitigate the impacts.  Don’t go into any venture without seriously 
considering the risks, however miniscule they seem at the time.

Managing Change

Use alongside the Sharing Services module to set up and use a change management plan to minimise disruption and objections, to get faster results.

Sharing Services

If your partnership venture impacts on people, resources and systems, this model explores a multi-level systematic approach to streamlining your services.

Framing Your Agreement

Following on from the Proposition, 
consider what you would like to discuss with your lawyers around your Agreement.