Welcome to the Essential Partnerships Planning Toolbox.  If you are here, you are serious about making sure you do your homework before your enter into a partnership venture.  Whatever the business opportunity, this toolbox aims to assist with determining the need, purpose and how a partnership might work. It does not represent a legal document or process - this is the responsibility of your prospective partners and legal teams.


Introduction to the Toolbox and suggestions on how to work your way through the modules.

The Proposition

If the Proposition isn't strong enough, then the partnership could be built on quicksand.
Is your Purpose built on need?  Are the need and opportunities strong enough?
Build your business case
Put together a partnership plan
What will be the implications for resources?

Framing your Agreement

Have you thought about what information you will include in your partnership agreement?
Are partners coming to the table prepared?
Reduce the likelihood of sudden surprises
Sign the agreement before an significant work is carried out

Managing Change

*  Step through a change management plan to minimise disruption, getting your results faster

  * Explore the barriers to change
  * Put together a change management plan
  * Make effective use of change enablers

Managing Risks and Evaluating Success

 It pays to take an eyes wide open approach - contemplate and plan for risks
It could save you tens of thousands, your friendship and your reputation
How do you know how successful your partnership is?  
Will it achieve what you expect?

Sharing Services

Explore six levels of change associated with sharing services

        1.      A clearly articulated business case

        2.      Delegation and internal communication

        3.      Templates and resources

        4.      Policies, procedures and processes

        5.      Organisational systems eg human resource, information technology

       6.      Integration

Foundations of Collaborative Partnerships

How do you work with the dynamics of partnerships to your advantage?
Discover five foundations that underpin successful partnerships and how failure in one foundation element may destabilise the venture if not identified and addressed
Compare five "Levels of Partnership" with your venture.  What does it mean for the way you engage with  partners?

Additional Resources

Resources are listed and downloadable in the relevant modules.
Additional resources will be uploaded from time to time.