If the Proposition isn't strong enough, then the partnership could be built on quicksand.
Is your Purpose built on need? Are the need and opportunities strong enough?
Build your business case
Put together a partnership plan
What will be the implications for resources?

  • Decide whether a partnership is the feasible alternative and who might be the potential partners
  • Invite partners to complete the business case template and compare responses
  • Use the responses as the basis for negotiating the partnership venture and agreement

For what Purpose?

The Proposition explores the need for the collaboration:

For what Purpose?

  • For what Purpose?
  • Can the proposed activity be achieved without partners?
  • What is the value add that a collaborative venture will bring to achieving the proposed activity and outcomes?

In order to identify the NEED for a partnership, consider the following:

  • The gap in products or services you are seeking to address
  • Your organisational strengths and weaknesses
  • The gap in your expertise or resources that a partnership could address
  • Your value proposition to the partnership venture.Summary of Opportunities

A proposal for a collaborative partnership starts with determining the background context, examining the client base, competition or other players, and identifying gaps and opportunities.  Start by carrying out a Situation Analysis around your concept or idea - complete the Opportunity Analysis Framework template (listed below).

This template focuses on the external environment:

  • Your idea
  • Clients/market profile
  • Competition or other alternatives (including threats)
  • Gap(s) in the market


Opportunity Analysis FrameworkThe Proposition