Incorporating and Managing Change into your Partnership Venture

Step through a change management plan to minimise disruption, getting your results faster
Explore the barriers to change
Put together a change management plan
Make effective use of change enablers

Working with others requires change and compromise.  Change may involve adapting or creating new systems to accomodate the new venture.  There may be a number of barriers to change that must be overcome to succeed.  These may include:

  • CULTURE - organisations have their own habits and belief systems
  • REBELLION - at least one person may not like what's happening and could try to undermine change wherever possible
  • FEAR - when people don't understand what's going on and how it will impact on them; fear of job loss; fear of change itself
  • FINANCES - how much is this going to cost us?
  • LOSS OF CONTROL - we are autonomous!  We don't need somebody else telling us what to do
  • LACK OF EXPERTISE - how can we make decisions when we don't know what to look for?
  • POOR COMMUNICATION - what's going on?
  • BREAKDOWN OF TRUST - who are these people telling us what to do?  Why should we work with them, they're competition?
  • DIRECTION - where are these people going?  It's not what we want to do.

A well prepared Change Management Plan (see Change Management Process) should aim to reduce the barriers and assist with achieving the desired outcomes.
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