The Nine Step Change Management Process

Manage change before change manages you.  Don't let lack of planning unravel your goals.  Check out the Nine Step Change Management Process and use it to inform your change management plan.

The Nine Step Change Management Process

1 Purpose and NeedThe partners work through the Proposition and Framing your Agreement stages and develop the Strategic Direction for the partnership that is endorsed by the ALL partners.  The Strategic Direction will incorporate a common vision, what needs to change to achieve the vision and how change will occur.  This will be signed off by all the partners.
2 Leadership

Partners may delegate management of the project and channels of communication. Those guiding the partnership venture should have enough power or influence to lead the change program.  This could be the managers on the day-to-day level and a group representing the owners providing oversight if the venture impacts at the governance level.  Otherwise the managers should report directly to their individual business owners (if it isn’t the owners themselves).  Is there an agreement on one person with overall operational responsibility (to prevent confusion)?

The partners should agree that there are circumstances where the people with delegated authority cannot be undermined.  There may be staff who do not like a decision who may go directly to a higher authority to state their case.  If this should occur, the person concerned must be referred back to the manager concerned.

The leadership team should also be aware of ill-informed people or people wanting to undermine the project, who will try to divide the leadership through misinformation or through an identified difference of opinion in the leadership group.  The leadership group should keep in regular contact to minimise these risks.


3 Communication

It is a good idea to develop a communique for managers to provide to staff explaining the rationale and need for the change.  Explain in detail the partnership vision, goals and priorities.  Incorporate visuals if possible.  People may already have concerns.  If necessary, take these concerns on notice and feedback through the designed communication channels.

A Communication Plan developed for and between each partner could help to explain to everybody how the change process will work and how they can feed into the process etc.  The aim is to ensure that everybody is clear about levels of responsibility and reporting lines.

It is helpful to organise weekly meetings to update people on progress.


4 Cooperation

Encourage people to come forward with ideas that could help to achieve the new direction.  Show them how these ideas may be incorporated into the new direction.

Where possible, engaging staff in the change process as long as they are not trying to sabotage the change.

5 EvaluationInclude staff in the internal evaluation of new templates, resources and processes.  They may be able to assist with the identification of strengths, weaknesses and risks and streamlined systems.
6 RecognitionDevelop short-term plans with staff to assist them through the change.  Use these plans to identify and recognize short-term wins.  These could be included in individual performance plansand professional development records.
7 Maintain the momentumKeep staff up to date, even when nothing seems to be happening.  Maintain the momentum.  Prepare them for the next step in the plan.
8 The New World OrderIf the beginning of the change process identified the need for change and the potential benefits of changes, by this stage, those benefits should be clearly achieved to each partner.  This is the new world order.
However, if the benefits are not clear at this stage, why are they not clear?  Has the evaluation identified reasons for a different outcome?
9 CelebrateDo something with everybody concerned to CELEBRATE your (joint) achievement.


Complete the Change Management Plan Template to support your organisation through the Nine Step Change Management Process.  This template can be used for any change management process, not just partnership ventures. 
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