Change enablers support the change process.  They include:



Partnership ventures especially those that lead to change, can be assisted by the relevant external expertise.  This can be in the form of an independent project manager/change facilitator and/or specialist expertise as required eg HR or IT consultants.

Although there is a cost involved, bringing in external expertise saves time in learning skills and also allows all partners to be equally involved.



Resources can be time, funds and research.

Projects and change activities may not be able to achieve the outcomes if insufficient time has not been allocated to the project and to the staff involved in the project.

Access to a budget is a change enabler in that it can be used to purchase people, time and physical resources, as well as pay for incidental costs such as travel, and professional development.

Research is a change enabler because it documents what others have experienced before – what works, what doesn’t.  Carrying out background research and applying to the current situation should eliminate a lot of time and energy and help the project to move forward quickly.


IT Solutions

There are a plethora of software and project management tools available today that will assist with communication, project management, meetings and collaborating online.  Whole change projects can be managed within a single program to which all invited stakeholders will have varying levels of access.  Keeping all documentation in one place (backed up regularly) ensures that the project is efficiently recorded.



Once in place, common systems eg financial, HR and IT, as well as processes lead to structural change (changes the way authority, finances, information and responsibility flow within and across the organisations).


Change Enablers

Have you got in place enablers that support change?

Complete the Changer Enablers Checklist Template to check you have the people, resources, IT solutions and systems in place to support your venture.


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